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Summer Football



Welcome to our 2021/22 FC Nelson Summer football competition at Neale Park.
This football competition provides an opportunity for all ages and abilities to play
the beautiful game in central Nelson.

So, grab your mates and organize a team
and join in the summer football fun starting on Tuesday October 19th 2021 
through to early March 2022. (Holiday break around Christmas)

First of all - please join our “FC Nelson Summer football” Facebook group.
You will find all updates, draws, league tables here. Also please like our FC Nelson
Facebook for all updates around events and programmes etc.
If you don’t have Facebook don’t worry - all draws will be sent out to the team
captains via email.

Teams can choose to enter one of the four leagues
- Youth League
- Mixed Family League
- Women/girls only (depending on interest)
- Social League

The teams in each competition will be divided into different leagues (Divisions)
after a couple of grading games played, based on ability and your team’s

The Leagues
Social - 6 aside with any combination of player - Divided into different grades
(more competitive - more social)

Mixed Family - 6 aside must have 3 women or players under 14 years old on the
field - Adults and player 14 and over cannot score. Women and girls allowed to

Youth League - 6 aside with any combination of players (girls or boys) 9th - 13th

We reserve the right to place more competitive/social teams in higher or lower
grades - depending on how we see fit.
At the end of the day we want to create a positive and fun environment for


Full payment of $240 per team registration fee for social, $180 for mixed family
leagues or $150 for youth leagues is required by Tuesday 19th
2021!!! (Or within the first week of the competition if we allow late registrations)

Please pay your fees into the FC Nelson Bank account 
NBS account 03-1354-0260701-00

If you can’t pay all fees at once, please get in touch with us and we can sort out a
payment plan. We are open to include everyone to enjoy playing football so don't hesitate to get in touch if you do not have a team.

Don’t ignore payment otherwise, you will be excluded from the  competition.

In the event of more teams seeking entry than we have the capacity for, priority will
be given to the teams that have paid their entry fee.
NO PAY - NO PLAY !! Simple rule, you don't pay, you won't play and we'll exclude
you from the competition.

Registrations will be open until the end of the grading games (first two weeks of
the competition, depending on if spots are still available).

515pm - Youth League
- 6pm - Family Mixed League

- 6pm, 6.45pm and 7.30pm - Social League.



Craig - craig.smith@fcnelson.co.nz

All updates: Draws, info, leagues, pictures etc are available @ our FC Nelson
Summer Football Facebook Group - Please join!

1. The most important “rule” right away: HAVE FUN OUT THERE!! Nothing
better than football at Neale Park under the evening Nelson sun. Please
remember this is a SOCIAL competition (regardless of age, skill or division)
Score and Winning is secondary - Fun and Enjoyment for everyone comes
first! Don’t take yourselves to serious out there and play with a smile!
2. Game duration is 40 minutes, per game, with a 3 minute half-time break to
change ends. Games/halves will start with the “Hooter” and finish with the
3. In the Mixed family league there must be a minimum of 3 female players or
players under 14 on the field at all times and players 14 and over cannot
score (Women and girls are allowed to score).
4. Kickoffs are taken at half way, the ball can go forward or back.
5. When the ball goes out, the game will restart with a kick from the ground
where the ball went out. There will not be any throw-ins. Goals cannot be
scored directly from a kickoff, kick from the side line or corner kicks .
Corner kicks are being taken from the corner on sideline when the ball gets
kicked out by a defending player (not from the goal circle).
6. Only the goalkeeper is allowed in the penalty area at any time. If the
opposition step into the penalty area, a free kick will be awarded to the
defending team, with the restart of play (like a goal kick). If any player from
the defending team steps into the penalty area actively defending, a
penalty will be awarded to the attacking team.
7. The goalkeeper is only allowed to pick up the ball in the penalty area and
must distribute the ball within a time frame of six seconds. The goalkeeper
is allowed to leave his or her penalty area to defend or distribute the ball
with his feet.
8. A goal is scored, if the whole of the ball has crossed the whole of the goal-
line. If an attacking player successfully scores a goal and his or her
momentum carries that player into the penalty box, a goal will be awarded
provided the scoring motion occurred outside of the penalty area.
9. There are no offsides and the back pass rules does not apply.
10. No slide tackles are allowed a free kick will be awarded. These are
deemed dangerous & unsporting in this format
11. Rolling substitutions are permitted at anytime. Players must swap on
and off at the same point on the field. The substituted player must leave
the field before the substitute enters.
12. No verbal abuse from a team or their supporters will be tolerated, the
team will be removed from the competition with no reimbursement of the
entry fee.
13. After the game the score must be recorded on the Summer Football
score board. In order to keep the leagues accurate, please provide the
game results right after your game (or if you forget - post @ Summer Footy
Facebook Group). No scores in family leagues or Junior youth league.
14. Each pitch will have a game ball (pitch numbers) assigned to it. The
teams playing on the field are responsible for game ball (report
immediately if lost). Teams who play at 5.15pm or 6pm will get the game
ball for their game from the organiser. The teams playing on the same field
(@6.45 and 7pm) can just grab it off the teams playing before them. After
the last game of the day on that pitch (usually 7.30pm games) please
return the footballs to the Score board.
15. All teams are asked to wear team shirts in the same colour. If team
colours are clashing the organiser will have bibs available to wear.
16. If a team defaults twice for no reason (no show) FC Nelson can remove
the team from the competition with no reimbursement of the entry fee.
17. There are no referees on the field, so teams need to look after
themselves in this regard. Remember it’s social football and not the world
cup so most calls should be easier to make.
18. The FC Nelson Committee reserves the right to amend these rules at
any time
19. If at any time you need help or have questions please find Craig - our
Summer football coordinator.

Updated September 2021.