FC Nelson registrations are open


FC Nelson School of Football

Please register your interest to join the SoF Development groups ($150) with an email to our DoF - tj.hansen@fcnelson.co.nz

Skill Centre ($55) registration at the bottom of the page.

Term 3 Schedule

SoF Groups term 3

Skill Centre 5 - 8yrs 

Friday 4 - 5 pm, $55 per term

Skill Centre 9 - 12yrs
Monday 4 - 5 pm, $55 per term

Coached by Sasha Kerslake 

11th grade Development 
Monday & Wednesday (+ two Sunday games August 9th/September 13th)
4 - 5.15 pm, $150 per term (shirt incl.)

Coached by George Campbell

12th grade Development 
Monday & Wednesday (+ two Sunday games August 9th/September 13th)
4 - 5.15 pm, $150 per term (SoF shirt incl.)

Coached by Tj Hansen

All sessions are being held at Neale Park. 

Development Groups 11th & 12th grade 

Proudly sponsored by Mike Greer Homes 

Selection for Development groups 
Development groups will have limited spots available. 
We ask everyone who is wanting to join one of the two development groups to please indicate interest by emailing tj.hansen@fcnelson.co.nz 
We will allow a two week 'setup' period to work out the 3 groups (SC 9 - 12, D11, D12) in order to make it as beneficial as possible for all players. 
The players will be allocated into one of the groups by the end of week 2 (no later than July 31st). 

FCN Development Coach George Campbell and FCN DOF Tj Hansen will decide on the final player allocation and communicate this with all participants. 

We understand a selection process is always a delicate topic and the last thing we want is to dishearten anyone who might not get in. When the development groups are full, we will invite all additional players into our 9 - 12yrs Skill Centre group. Please know that all SoF groups are intended to work together closely so that we can monitor the individual development of all players and potentially move players between the groups if needed. 

Training days
Training is scheduled twice a week, Mondays & Wednesdays 4 - 5.15pm. 

@ Neale Park. 

We want to invite as many girls as possible to get involved with our FCN School of Football training. 
Girls age 12 are able to join our D11 group and girls age 13 are able to join the D12 group. 

Girls age 13 are also welcome to join our SC 9 - 12 group. 

Game days
We are committed to establish highly competitive matchups for our Development groups each term. 
Oppositions can vary between local football teams or teams beyond the region. 

Travel costs are not included in the price per term, however, FC Nelson is determined to help organise transport and or rideshares to minimize the cost for everyone. 


Players will receive an evaluation every 6 months, after term 2 & 4. 

Cost & SoF shirt
The cost per term is $150, which includes two training sessions per week, competitive game days and a FCN training shirt. 

This shirt is to be worn to all training sessions & games. 

Workload & player welfare

Player welfare is crucial to us. While we want to develop and improve all players footballing abilities, we also want to see them do it in a healthy way, in a safe and age-appropriate environment. 

We understand that football at this age is not the only sport most kids play, we have therefore put together some guidelines for parents to make it easier to understand how much sport kids should do at their respective age. 


 Within our School of Football, we follow guidelines provided by NZ Football and the Junior framework. 

Suggested contact frequency by NZF (3x 90minutes = 270min) for 11/12-year-olds equals 75min + 75min (2 SoF sessions) + 60min FC club team training sessions + 60min game on the weekend. 

We are happy to answer any questions you might have in regard to player welfare. 

All coaches will run warm-up & cool-down drills to help keep our players healthy.

Skill Centre
Our two Skill Centre groups are open to all players club or not club related. 

We offer one additional training session for all participants for $55 per term. 

The core of the program is to develop football skills under the guidance of qualified FCN football coaches in a safe and fun environment. 

The FCN Skill Centre is aligned with our Development groups and follows the same football curriculum. 

Additional training (GK & 1on1)
Our FCN goalkeeper clinic will kick off in term 3. 

We are currently working out the final details of it. 

1on1 training sessions are available to book with any of the FCN coaches (based on availability) 

If you are interested in getting more information about this, please email tj.hansen@fcnelson.co.nz 

Cancellations & Contact
Cancellations for all programmes will be communicated via email and or our FC Nelson Facebook page. 

If you have questions please don't hesitate and contact info@fcnelson.co.nz or our DOF tj.hansen@fcnelson.co.nz anytime


Payment can be made by direct payment to the FC Nelson NBS account 03-1354-0260701-00 (please put the player name as a reference).

Wearing shin pads is compulsory for all FC Nelson programmes!!