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UPDATE on COVID-19 situation

We will share further updates here as soon as they become available.


FROM Nelson Bays Football


Good morning to you all,

Things have started to escalate and there are a lot or rumours starting to spread through the community which is totally understandable.
We are working with NZF who in turn are looking for direction from Sport New Zealand around community sport and what Covid 19 may mean for its delivery.

We are expecting something from NZF within the next 24 hours.
As soon as we have something I will be back in touch. In the meantime, all plans remain the same in terms of football in the region.

In the meantime please follow Ministry of Health recommendations - information below.

EDIT: COVID-19 - Further information just released from NZ Football
16 March 2020

Our community’s health comes first in football decisions
Participants, players, coaches, officials, volunteers and their families’ health is the main priority
for all football decisions during the rapidly developing COVID-19 situation.
It’s vital the football community adheres to measures regarding travel and self-isolation put in
place by the New Zealand Government, and doesn’t contribute to any further spread of COVD19. Please help ensure your club and organisation’s members do the same.
We are monitoring this fast-developing situation closely, and will keep you updated.
We encourage everyone to follow official advice around handwashing and other hygiene
measures. We have published information on hygiene for footballers on
nzfootball.co.nz/covid19, which will be updated as the situation changes.
Community football
• We expect advice from the NZ Government on mass gatherings this week, and will
update you immediately on the impact
• Until then, community level football should proceed, based on current government advice
• Football tournament organisers should ensure their cancellation policies and contingency
plans are in place, and clearly communicated to participants prior to the event
• Individual organisations, clubs and players can elect not to participate in any activity at their
personal discretion
Advice for clubs and organisations
• If anyone associated with your club or organisation is feeling unwell, they should
immediately self-isolate, refrain from all football activities straight away and seek medical
advice by calling Healthline on 0800 611 116
• Consider whether tournaments or events that may attract large crowds can be delayed or
• Place signs around your club reminding your members about the risks posed by COVID-19
and encouraging basic hygiene
• Place hand sanitizers around changing and club rooms, and encourage people to use them
• Ensure player facilities are maintained and cleaned to a high standard with appropriate
cleaning agents, and consider cleaning them more regularly
• Work with other clubs that share facilities, if appropriate, to ensure a consistent approach
Where to get information
We will continue to take advice from the NZ Government and Ministry of Health.
• NZ Government information hub - including health and travel advice
• Current advice for public events and mass gatherings – from Ministry of Health

Kind regards
NZ Football


Stay healthy!
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