Senior fixtures, August 7th

Senior fixtures, August 7th

Div 1 Women
Blenheim Bullets vs FCN Women 1st XI, A&P 5, 3pm

Div 1
FCN Locomotive vs Golden Bay, Neale Park S2, 3pm

Suburbs Development vs Sheehan Financial FC Nelson, Saxton S1, 3pm.

Div 2
Suburbs Seals vs FCN Reserves, Saxton S2, 1pm

FCN Development vs Richmond 2nd XI, Victory S1, 1pm

Tahuna 2nd XI vs FCN Karenni, Tahuna S1, 1pm

Div 3
FCN Loco Steamers vs FCN NMIT, Neale park S3, 1pm

Div 4
Tahuna 3rd XI vs FCN 3rds, Guppy Park S1, 1pm

Div 5
FCN 4th vs Tahuna 4th XI, Neale Park S2, 1pm

Richmond Masters vs FCN Masters, Jubilee Park S1, 1pm

Good luck to all teams!
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