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Join the FC Nelson Business Team - A Networking Opportunity

Network with Nelson's Biggest Football Family

With a vision of club-rooms on the horizon, and a strong desire to really develop club culture we've designed a business marketing opportunity for our Club members only.

The FC Nelson Business List is now open and live on this website. It is open to anyone who has a connection / membership with our football club.

Here's how it works:

If you have a business that provides a service, offers a product or just wants to promote what you do, then join the FC Nelson Business List for only $50 per year. The Business List has the potential to be seen by over 2,000 people (all within the FC Nelson Football Family).

The Business List is up and running (and with your support) we believe that in the very near future you will need to look no further for a Plumber, Builder, Lawyer, Accountant, Retail Shop, Architect, Real Estate agent, Dentists etc...etc...etc...etc...etc.

Everyone on the List is a part of the FC Nelson Football Family, so let's make use of our collective skills and support each other whilst also supporting OUR football club. And hey, if you or your business wanted to offer any sort of "FC Special" discount to club members then that's up to you

Join the FC Nelson Business List today (click here to visit the page) and help your business and the Club grow together. 

Many thanks to everyone.

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