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Club Day and Junior player placement games

Some further information about the club day and "placement games" (grade 10 -13th) this upcoming Saturday, march 2nd @ Neale Park - north road.

Please find the schedule for the placement games below:

10th grade: Session from 9 - 10am | Please be there 8.45am for registration & warm up. (social get together - no competitive placement as teams play in cluster leagues)

11th grade: Session from 10 - 11am | Please be there 9.45am for registration & warm up.

12th grade: Session from 11am - 12.15pm | Please be there 10.40am for registration & warm up.

13th grade: Session from 12.15 - 1.30pm | Please be there 11.55am for registration & warm up.

When arriving please find our FC Nelson Youth Staff on senior training pitch north road to register. The actual games will be on the junior pitches on the other side of the parking lot. The individual sessions for each grade will contain of a quick warm up and a small sided game rotation. These games will give George Campbell and Tj Hansen the chance to look at all kids which will help to allocate them into teams accordingly.

Both know most kids already so they are really wanting to keep it enjoyable = no pressure!

Parents can help when encouraging them beforehand and without putting any pressure on the kids. Please refrain from calling out to your kids during the games as this will only distract them.

We also please ask everyone to leave George and Tj alone during the games as they are wanting to focus solely on the kids.

If you have any questions etc. just send Tj an email and he will get back to you later that day.

George and Tj will make all decisions around team selection and player allocation together.

All teams will be published via email to all registered players latest on March 6th.

Coaches will then get in touch and start organize trainings etc.

Please get in touch anytime if you have any questions.

Further information about placement games here - /_fcnelson/Library/FC%20Nelson%20player%20placement%20day.pdf

We have our Club Day this Saturday as well as the "placement games" so EVERYONE is invited to come along from 9am @ Neale Park to watch, play, eat, enjoy the sunshine and look at our new apparel.

Senior football will start in the afternoon as well and we'd love for some of the Youth Players to stick around to watch and get to know some of our senior players.

Hope to see you all Saturday!
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