Code of Conduct & Behaviour


FC Nelson - Code of Conduct

It must be remembered that at all times when involved in a FC Nelson team or competition that you are a representative of our club. This includes non-playing time and from arrival to departure on game days.This means that we would expect and appreciate the highest standard of behaviour during these times. You have to be aware that you are wearing and carrying club colours, emblems and gear which makes you easily identifiable as an FC Nelson member and if there are any issues it is our club who gets recognised and judged and we are the ones that receive the complaints. We would expect and appreciate that you respect and follow the rules of our club’s Code of Conduct (see below) as well as any rules of clubs or tournaments that you visit. We would hope that you behave in a manner that you would wish to have returned in kind by other team members and opposition players, management and supporters. Any breaches in discipline or behaviour that is reported would be dealt with initially by the FC Nelson Youth Committee and if necessary elevated to Nelson Bays Football, as our federation body. 

Code of Conduct

Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others.

Be fair, considerate and honest in all dealings with others.

Be mature and accept responsibility for your actions.

Be aware of standards, rules, regulations and policies.

Operate within the policies and procedures of FC Nelson.

Immediately report any breaches to the appropriate management.

Refrain from any form of abuse towards others.

Refrain from using abusive language.

Refrain from any form of harassment towards others.

Refrain from any form of discrimination towards others.

Refrain from any form of victimisation towards others.

Reject drugs, racism, violence and other dangers to you or our team.

Promote the interests of football.

Provide a safe environment for the conduct of activity in accordance with relevant FC Nelson policies.

Show concern and caution towards others who may be sick or injured.

Be a positive role model.

Never act in a way that may bring disrepute or disgrace to FC Nelson’ its stakeholders and/or its sponsors.

Players will:

Play to win but play fair.

Never argue with or verbally abuse an official; observe the Laws of the Game.

Accept defeat with dignity.

Conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner and respect fellow players, coaches, managers and referees and the achievements of opponents.

Not bully or take an unfair advantage over another competitor.

Cooperate with their coach, manager, team mates and opponents.

This code is based on the NZ Football Code of Conduct and is intended to provide a safe environment to players, officials and spectators.