Summer Soccer

Welcome to the 2017-18 summer soccer competition at Neale Park. This football competition provides an opportunity for all ages and abilities to play the beautiful game in central Nelson. So grab your mates and organise a team and join in the summer soccer fun starting on Tuesday 17th October 2017 through to Tuesday 20th February 2018.

Summer Soccer Competition Format

The summer soccer competition will commence on Tuesday 17th October 2017. Teams can enter to play on Tuesdays. It will consist of two leagues - Social and Mixed Family. The teams will be divided into grades after several games based on ability and your teams preference. 

The Leagues

Social - 6 aside with any combination of players

Mixed Family - 6 aside must have 3 women or players under 14 years old on the field - adults and players 16 and over cannot score.

Entry fees will be $240 per team for Social, and $190 for Mixed Family. This equates to approx. $35.00 or $27.00 respectively, per player in a squad of 7 players. Team fees MUST be paid 1 week prior to the start of the leagues or within a week of registering if we accept late registrations. Entries will be accepted in the order received. In the event of more teams seeking entry than we have capacity for, priority will be given to the teams that have paid their entry fee.

Competition Dates

As stated above, the summer football leagues will commence on Tuesday 17th October 2017.

The leagues will run for a period of 9 weeks prior to Christmas, with the final game on Tuesday December 12th 2017.

The games will re-commence for another 7 weeks from Tuesday January 9th 2018 and run until Tuesday 20th February 2018.

Rules for FC Nelson Summer Soccer 2017-2018

  1. Game duration is 40 minutes, per game, with a 3 minute half-time break to change ends. Games/halves will start with the “Hooter” and finish with the “Hooter”. The only additional time allowed is for the taking of a penalty.
  2. In the Mixed family league there must be a minimum of 3 female players or players under 14 on the field at all times and players 16 and over cannot score.
  3. Kickoffs are taken at half way, the ball can go forward or back.
  4. When the ball goes out, the game will restart with a kick from the ground where the ball went out. There will not be any throw-ins. If the ball is put out by a defender between the goal and the penalty area the kick is taken from the edge of the penalty circle. Goals cannot be scored directly from a kickoff or a kick from the side line.
  5. Only the goalkeeper is allowed in the penalty area at any time. If the opposition step into the penalty area, a free throw will be awarded to the defending team, with the restart of play the same as for a goal kick. If any player from the defending team steps into the penalty area, a penalty will be awarded to the attacking team.
  6. The goalkeeper is only allowed to pick up the ball in the penalty area and must distribute the ball within a time frame of six seconds.
  7. A goal is deemed to have been scored, if the whole of the ball has crossed the whole of the goal-line. If an attacking player successfully scores a goal and his or her momentum carries that player into the penalty box, a goal will be awarded as long as they have not obstructed the goalie, provided the scoring motion occurred outside of the penalty area.
  8. There are no offsides and back pass rules do not apply.
  9. No slide tackles are allowed a free kick will be awarded.
  10. No tackling from behind or trying to go through the player with the ball, it will almost always result in the tackler kicking the back of the legs of the player with the ball which is a foul.
  11. Rolling substitutions are permitted at anytime. Players must swap on and off at the same point on the field. The substituted player must leave the field before the substitute enters.
  12. No verbal abuse from a team or their supporters will be tolerated, the team will be removed from the competition with no reimbursement of the entry fee.
  13. After the game the score must be recorded with the league organiser.
  14. If a team defaults twice FC Nelson can remove the team from the competition with no reimbursement of the entry fee.
  15. The FC Nelson Committee reserves the right to amend these rules at any time.
  16. Please report any potential hazards you see to the summer soccer co-coordinator.


Full payment of $240 per team registration fee for social or $190 for mixed family leagues is required by Tuesday October 10th 2017 or within a week of the registration if we accept a late registration.

Payment can be made either by:

  • Direct credit to the FC Nelson NBS account 03-1354-0260701-00
  • Post to PO Box 1464, Nelson 7040

For any queries contact


To register fill in the online registration form