Summer Football 2018/2019

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Primary School Mini Soccer Competition Format

Mini Soccer Information

Outlined below are some practical matters that will help Mini Soccer run smoothly, plus the simple rules for the games.

We will endeavour to have teams of comparable ability play each other.
Your feedback on what we are doing is welcome. Please ensure the children in your team are told what the rules of MINI SOCCER are to help them enjoy the game.
  1. The draw can also be viewed on online when it is published, usually by Friday morning.
  2. Your team’s game will either start at 4.30pm or 5.00 pm
  3. The games will be played on the grounds at Neale Park accessed from North Road
  4. If your game starts at 4.30pm you will need to arrive by 4.15 pm so that you can:
    1. Have your team set up on the field ready to begin the game when the hooter goes at 4.30pm to signal the start of your game.
    2. Decide which team manager will referee each half (of the game).
  5. The team that is listed first in the draw is to pick up the game ball from the MINI SOCCER Co-ordinator and take this to your playing field.  We will have whistles available but you may wish to supply your own in the interests of keeping healthy!
  6. The game is to start when the hooter sounds at either 4.30pm or 5.00pm. The game will run for 15 minutes then the hooter will sound again. This signals half time. Children can have a break for a couple of minutes to get a drink if they wish. Please note that the hooter will NOT sound again to start the second half so only give the kids a short break.  Teams swap ends at half time. You as the referee will need to get the game going again.
  7. The game will finish when the hooter sounds after 30 minutes of running time.
  8. Please leave the ball for the team that follows you.
  9. If you are playing at 5.00pm you will need to be ready to go onto the field as soon as the hooter sounds at 5.00pm to finish the previous game.  
  10. The hooter will sound again at 5.15pm to signal half time. As above give the kids a short drinks break if they want one, get them to swap ends and then the referee starts the game again. The hooter will sound again at 5.30pm. Please hand in the ball at end of game. Note we do not collect in game scores.
  11. Cancellations if the weather is seriously wet it will be posted on the website and sent to schools prior to 3pm if time allows.
  12. Please report any potential hazards you see to the summer soccer co-coordinator.


  1. 5 players from each team on the field at any one time.
  2. Teams with more than 5 players in their squad can have rolling subs. The game is not to stop for changing players over.
  3. There is no offside; players can be anywhere on the field at anytime apart from kick-offs when they have to be in their own half.
  4. No designated goalie (i.e. No player may use their hands to stop a ball going in goal). Also team managers should encourage children to not place themselves in front of the goal continuously during the game. MINI SOCCER is about participation, not watching others play the game.
  5. To start the game at the beginning of each half and after a goal is scored kick-off from the centre spot marked on the field.
  6. There will be kick-ins NOT throw-ins to restart play when the ball goes out. Any time a team kicks the ball out over the sideline OR the goal line the opposing team restarts play by placing the ball on the sideline where it went out and kicking the ball back into play. (Note : there are no corner kicks)
  7. Opposing players are required to stand back at least 3m from the kick in position.
  8. Children should be encouraged to play MINI SOCCER with little physical contact between players. Any player that clearly acts in a rough way should be spoken with about their actions.

Each goal has an area marked in front of it which NO player is allowed to go into and influence the play.
The attacking team has to shoot from outside this half circle. Defending team has to stay outside the half circle to defend.
Should any player go inside the half circle and influence the play then the opposite team restarts the game by taking a kick-in from where the half circle meets the baseline.

It is recommended that competitive team players wear shin pads.

All other soccer rules apply.