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We are happy to announce the date of the first FC NELSON CLUB DAY in 2019????

For all junior & senior players and their families on Saturday, march 2nd down @ Neale Park.

We will start the day from 9am with placement games for the junior / youth players in the 10th to 13th grade.
A final schedule will be circulated within the next few days.

We also plan a youth game around noon for the kids to watch.

Important: The deadline for registrations is March 2nd❗️ Please make sure to register before if you want to join the games.
We will allocate all players into the different teams after the club day - aiming to have all teams (9th - U19) set with players and coaches on Wednesday March 6th.

Players that register after march 2nd, will be placed on a wait list until a new team is created or a spot becomes available.

Our senior members are welcome to join the junior football activities as well as our afternoon programme where we have organized a few games for all senior players to participate in. From 1st Division to Masters, everyone is welcome!!!

We will have a BBQ, drinks and refreshments on site.
FC Nelson will also take the opportunity and present their new football apparel for the 2019 winter season!

A little shop will sell FC gear and merchandise on the day.
Make sure to come and have a look :)

Please keep your eyes open for further information, visit our homepage or contact if you should have any further questions.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Kind regards,
The FC Nelson Committee

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