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FC Nelson AGM on March 5th

FC Nelson

Annual General Meeting

The 8th Annual General Meeting of FC Nelson is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, 5th March 2019 at 7.00pm at The New Street Steakhouse, 58 Collingwood Street, Nelson.

The order of business, as per Rule 9.1 of the FC Nelson Constitution will be as follows:

        1. Roll Call

        2. Apologies

        3. Obituaries

        4. Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.

        5. Matters arising from the previous minutes.

        6. President’s report

        7. Presentation of Annual Financial Statement

        8. Notices of Motion

        9. Election of Committee members

        10. General Business

If you have any interest in how your football club is going, come along to the AGM.

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